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Empowering Humans with AI-Powered Decision Support

Doctus AI delivers AI-powered decision support systems and AI transformation programs for the future-proof alteration of medical institutions and production lines.




Healthcare industry has evolved considerably within the 21st century with the advent of countless testing and imaging modalities. We believe that this is only the beginning. The ongoing accumulation of data now enables us to solve medical problems that took insurmountable amounts of time, labor and money of both the patients and medical personnel with much fewer resources.


Doctus AI utilizes the power of multi-modal deep learning and big data to provide state-of-the-art medical assistance systems for medical personnel.

Medical decision making depends almost entirely on humans working with statistical systems. We transform these statistical systems to systems which learn from data and become even more robust and accurate with every new data input.


Although production lines are continually improving in terms of autonomy and performance the quality control systems, lag behind these improvements.

Quality control still needs human intelligence. Many production lines already possess the necessary sensors to capture the data to carry out fully automated quality control. We utilize the already existing data to introduce machine intelligence to your production line to increase efficiency in quality control systems.



Anomaly Detection and Segmentation in Biomedical Images

Rare Disease Diagnosis and Management

Healthcare Process Automation  

Manufacturing Defect Detection


After an exhaustive 1-week study of your organization, our AI-transformation experts determine a roadmap for your organization.

The roadmap will provide your organization with a list of enhancement points from your products to organizational structure and data management strategies and show you how you can significantly improve your efficiency.

As your organization progress through the roadmap, our experts' provide periodical consultations and continuous assistance in building solutions and for your business needs.

We build together, a secure and durable, customized AI platform for your organization to become future-proof.



We believe that AI-literacy will become an essential asset for people from any line of work, utilizing computers and any “big data”. Just as knowing how to use an operating system, office tools and the internet proficiently has become the default set of skills for almost any white-collar job in the 2000s, using AI tools to streamline processes will become an indispensable skill set in the 2020s.


The correct understanding of AI by institutions is very important for effective planning for technological transformation. Therefore, Doctus AI as a sector-specific AI training offers.  

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