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Empowering Quality Control with AI-Powered Decision Support


Doctus AI brings deep learning to quality control in manufacturing and driver/vehicle safety in the logistics & transportation industry.

By using advanced algorithms and utilizing computer vision, we increase error detection accuracy in manufacturing and reduce production costs.

In the logistics & transportation industry, we obtain correct information about the drivers and analyze driving errors with behavioral tracking to prevent potential accidents, and also with our object detection algorithms we provide extravehicular safety.


Quality control in the textile industry is a thorny process. Many steps and multiple parties work on every product that reaches consumers. At every level, issues with quality control mean aggregate losses for all parties in the value chain. 


Driving faults are mostly caused by distracted driving. One potential simple fault of a driver such as dropping a momentary sleep, playing with a mobile phone, smoking or anything other than focusing fully on the road while driving can instantly cause an accident that ends with significant health and economic damages.


After an exhaustive 1-week study of your organization, our AI-transformation experts determine a roadmap for your organization.​The roadmap provides you a list of enhancement points from your products to organizational structure and data management strategies and shows you how you can significantly improve your efficiency.

We also provide periodical consultations and continuous assistance to make your business future-proof in the age of AI.

Improving Driving Quality Control Process with AI-Powered Decision Support

RidePRO by Doctus AI ensures driving quality control by real-time distracted driving detection and in-cab voice coaching. Different unprofessional behaviors such as talking or playing with a mobile phone, reaching behind, operating a console, smoking, and many others are instantly tracked by our smart cameras which utilize embedded Artificial Intelligence. RidePRO also audibly alerts drivers with high-risk behaviors to increase their focus and draw their attention to the roads.


Apart from the device inside the vehicle, RidePRO offers a powerful safety platform. With safety scorecards, trend analysis, and in-depth coaching tools, RidePRO Web Platform saves time, ensures accountability, and guarantees results.

Improving Manufacturing Quality Control Process with AI-Powered Decision Support

SmartSpin Visual Inspection system contains a high-resolution camera, and a high-power LED light. The high-resolution camera captures the images, and our machine vision algorithms detect fabric defects without any need for the human eye. ​ When the system detects any defect, it automatically shuts down the Fabric Making Machine, preventing the excessive loss of yarn. 

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Ebulula Mardin St., No: 140, Levent, Besiktas/Istanbul, Turkey


8605 Santa Monica Blvd #50417

West Hollywood, California 90069-4109 

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